Colostrum supplements: How much should you have?

Colostrum is the “first milk” produced by animals (or humans) when they give birth to a newborn. This Bovine colostrum is available in the form of powders, capsules, tablets, and other supplements.

Colostrum is heavily in-demand as it is a diverse mix of nutrients including protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. It has a unique composition and is loaded with immunity boosters and growth factors. Research has shown that colostrum supplements have multiple health benefits in adults too. 

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Benefits of taking colostrum supplements

Colostrum is a diverse and nutrient-rich compound. The following are some of the health benefits that have been observed in adults who consume colostrum supplements. However, active research is still ongoing to find out more about colostrum. 

  • A natural immunity booster– Colostrum activates your body’s natural killer cells and stimulates IGF-N gamma and IL-2 factors to release. 
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant- Colostrum has a high concentration of lactoferrin which regulates the digestive juices in the stomach and reduce inflammation in the gut. 
  • May help relieve diarrhoea for HIV patients- Colostrum has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also flush out bacterial toxins.
  • May help to overcome a leaky gut and stomach inflammation- Colostrum helps to reduce overheating and indigestion in the stomach by raising shock protein levels. It has lactoferrin which reduces stomach damage. 
  • It helps in post-surgery recovery- Colostrum repairs tissues, helps to reduce stomach inflammation and flushes out bacteria and toxins. 
  • It may be beneficial for diabetic patients- Colostrum has a rich supply of IGF-1 factor, which helps the body to store and use the available glucose more effectively. 
  • May help with Alzheimer’s disease- A protein mixture present in colostrum, which is called colostrinin, may help in reducing the effect of Alzheimer’s disease by reducing damage to the brain cells. 

Colostrum supplements 

Colostrum is available in many forms, but pills and tablets are the most common. Colostrum powder is most often given to children or the elderly. For adults looking to boost their immunity, colostrum tablets are available which can be swallowed. 

Colostrum is available for pets as chewable tablets and powders. These supplements can be mixed with pet powder. 

Colostrum manufacturing should always be produced under a cold process. High heat processing may destroy the important components and nutrition in colostrum supplements. You must always give preference to reliable supplement brands with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Exactly how much colostrum should you take?

The exact amount of dosage that you should take will vary from person to person. Based on your existing health conditions and the benefits that you wish to achieve, your doses may vary significantly. It is recommended that you consult your doctor or physician to find the optimal level of your colostrum intake.

The following doses are tentative estimates based on the benefits of colostrum. 

  • For boosting immunity in adults and enhancing vitality- A dose of just 1 gram a day enhances immunity, protects against respiratory tract ailments and seasonal infections like flu.
  • For people looking to reduce post-exercise stress and inflation- 10 grams of concentrated bovine colostrum for 5 weeks provides relief.
  • For treating a leaky gut and improving your overall digestion- The recommended dosage is 500 milligrams of bovine colostrum intake twice a day, taken every day for at least 20 days.
  • For sportsmen looking to build a lean body mass and improve their performance in resistance training- 20 grams per day of concentrated bovine colostrum for at least 8 weeks provides benefits. Rigorous training and exercise coupled with colostrum intake are required to achieve the desired results.
  • For professional athlete training- 20-60 grams/ day of bovine colostrum powder taken for 8 weeks has shown to improve athletic performance. 
  • For people looking to regulate their blood sugar levels and manage diabetes- The recommended dosage is to take two 5 grams doses a day (a total of 10 grams colostrum supplements every day) for up to 4 weeks to manage their glucose and blood sugar levels. 
  • For people having diarrhoea due to HIV/AIDS- About 10-30 grams of bovine colostrum powder taken 1-4 times daily for about 10-20 days is recommended.


Colostrum is a crucial nutrient for building up immunity in newborns. Its unique composition makes it an excellent supplement, even for adults. Building up immune support, enhancing exercise performance and treating a variety of diseases are some of the few benefits of colostrum supplements. When taken with care, colostrum is a rich source of proteins, minerals, immunoglobulins and growth factors.  

If you are planning to include colostrum in your diet, make sure that you go for a high-quality product from a trusted and reliable manufacturer. Colostrum processing should always follow the most stringent standards and pass safety checks. It is also recommended that you consult your physician to check the exact quantity of colostrum that you should have. 

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