Why trust Cure Nutra for your Colostrum Powder?

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the Best Superfood in the world. It is a gift from mother nature. Colostrum is the first milk or foremilk of female mammals. It is produced within the first 36 hours by the mammary glands. The foremilk is produced after giving birth and before the newborn is breastfed. Colostrum includes lactoferrin, vitamins, minerals, protein, antibodies and growth factors (IGF – 1 & 2).

Colostrum is supposed to strengthen, support healthy growth and boost development in the newborn for the initial weeks of its life. Multiple pieces of research have shown that Colostrum is one of the best immunity boosters amongst the natural foods available to mankind.

Why choose Cure Nutra?

We are a leading colostrum products manufacturer and supplier across India. We have an excellent state of the art facility. We make sure that the quality of our products starts at the farm level. For about the past 20 years, the founders of Cure Nutra have consumed a significant amount of their time educating the producer and cattle rearers about the quality and perishing nature of the product. We have created a strong system of collecting centres in rural areas equipped with deep freezers to refrigerate the bulk colostrum to preserve its quality before it reaches the processing facilities. Having the advantage of long term relationships and goodwill enjoyed, Cure Nutraceutical is the first choice buyer to the producers to supply the first and second milk immediately after partition.

Due to our strict quality control policy, Cure Nutra does not collect colostrum from the producers beyond the second milking so that the quality and best nutritional contents in the finished products are ensured.

  • ISO 22000:2005 Certified State of the art facility.

The construction of the facility and the layout has been planned with the direction of professional and skilled specialists from the industry. Cure Nutraceutical is also quality certified with ISO 22000:2005 and has successfully passed the standard of ISO 22000:2005 qualification to strengthen the quality assurance policy more for its respected clients.

  • Fully Certified with GMP Process.

Cure Nutraceutical started their operations with GMP certification in co-operation with AYUSH – A Department of the Govt. Of India. The production facility is equipped with state of the art machinery for manufacturing and packaging the products. Our in-house lab at Cure Nutra helps in checking and assuring the quality of raw material before approving it for processing.

  • Complete labelling process

We, at Cure Nutra, have an in-house facility for most of our processes, it includes the packaging and labelling of our products too. Be it bulk orders or single products, they are delivered to the customer straight from the in house facility.

  • Effective cost

Having a certified ISO 22000:2005 state of the art facility and GMP process. All collection, manufacturing, packaging, labelling is done at in-house facilities helping us have a competitive price in the market.

  • Fluent & Quick service.

Our process is fluent and quick as our quality control ensures that the best of our proud ts reaches you in the shortest amount of time. From collecting the Colostrum to delivering it to our customers. Cure Nutra keeps a close eye on every step of the way to ensure that everything is done abruptly.

High Quality certified Colostrum 

Cure Nutra’s quality control (QC) policy is formed of procedures intended to ensure that our produced colostrum product ensures that the certified quality standards, as well as the requirements of our clients, are met.

We only collect the first two milkings of the female mammals so that they ensure quality in the finished products. We also have a strong collecting system in rural areas which have deep freezers installed in the to refrigerate and preserve the quality of the colostrum received from the cattle rearers.

Forms of Colostrum with Cure Nutra 

The brand name of Colostrum of Cure Nutraceuticals is Colostrovita. Colostrum has a different kind and forms like

  • Whole Cow Colostrum Powder
  1. Lyophilized (freeze-dried) Colostrum
  2. Spray Dried Colostrum
  • Skimmed Cow Colostrum Powder
  1. Lyophilized (freeze-dried) Colostrum
  2. Colostrum Powder Variants – Bulk Packaging

Colostrovita comes in different forms like,

  • Colostrovita powder
  • Colostrovita tablet
  • Colostrovita capsules
  • Colostrovits powder sachet.

Private labelling options 

Private labelling is when you choose to package top-notch, proven quality which is time tested with your brand name and label. Cure Nutra offers co-packing and private labelling for itscolostrum products. Capsules, tablets, powder, or sachets of which quality is certified by globally recognised institutes.

Marketing products with your brand name, address, logo and design on the package ensures that customers identify your company for initial and repeat purchases. Since everything is done in-house by us, we have extremely competitive pricing. We are open to new ideas, just let us know.

Our clients 

We are proud to have respected customers not only in India but also across the World. We serve different types of customers in a wide range. Using our history of partnering to our advantage, we have built successful relationships with our customers by tediously focusing on customer satisfaction which has been recognized all over the world by our clients.


At Cure Nutra, our commitment is to excel and make living well for our customers. As we have grown over the years so has our focus and our priority to our commitment. As when it comes to your health, you deserve the best.

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