What is lactoferrin? How does Lactoferrin work?


Do you think that milk is nutritious? You’re not wrong. But what if we tell you that there is another kind of milk, which has several times more nutrition than your regular milk! 

If you haven’t already guessed, we are talking about colostrum. Colostrum is also popularly known as “first milk”, referring to the fact that it’s the first milk consumed by humans and bovine cattle. And colostrum is several times more nutritious than your regular milk.

Lactoferrin plays a vital role in making colostrum so beneficial to the human body. So let’s look at more detail into what exactly is lactoferrin, and how it increases the nutritional value of colostrum milk. 

What is lactoferrin? 

Lactoferrin is a protein which is responsible for regulating the level of iron in your body. Lactoferrin is found in heavy quantities in colostrum, (about 7 times more than your regular milk!) and has a major contribution in all of the health benefits of colostrum. Naturally, lactoferrin is also present as fluid in your eyes, nose, mouth and respiratory tracts. 

Lactoferrin is also used as a medicine, for treating several diseases. Not just that, you can find high-quality lactoferrin supplements available in the market, that will help you to stay healthy and fit. 

Possibly effective for 

  1. Iron deficiency in pregnancy 
  2. Skin health
  3. Hepatitis C
  4. Cancer Treatment support
  5. Weight loss
  6. Digestive support 
  7. Bone health 

Benefits of lactoferrin 

Lactoferrin is loaded with health benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

  • Lactoferrin helps to boost immunity- Lactoferrin is present in your body’s immune cell receptors. It increases nitic oxide and cytokine production and limits the growth of pathogens. 
  • Reduces inflammation- During an infection, your body’s natural lactoferrin levels rise to combat the inflammation. 
  • Helps to regulate iron, and improve iron absorption in your body- Lactoferrin can bind to iron. It is called halo-lactoferrin in this state. About 60-80% of this lactoferrin is absorbed by the intestinal tract, thus improving iron absorption. 
  • Has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which protect you from a wide range of infections- Lactoferrin deprives bacteria of iron. It can also destabilize the bacteria’s cell wall and disturb their carbohydrate metabolisms, thus effectively destroying the infections. 
  • Strengthens your bones- Research shows that lactoferrin supports bone health and promotes bone regeneration, particularly in adults. 
  • Supports and nurtures infants, particularly premature ones- Lactoferrin helps to develop the intestinal system in infants and helps the gut to absorb iron. Lactoferrin is also the primary source of immunity in newborns. 

How to use Lactoferrin 

So now that you know the benefits of lactoferrin, let’s see how you can consume it. 

CureNutraceutical is India’s leading manufacturer of colostrum and it’s associated supplements, including lactoferrin. At CureNutra, you can find high-quality lactoferrin powder, which is made purely from colostrum obtained from bovine cattle. For achieving the optimal health benefits of lactoferrin, we would recommend that you incorporate it as a supplement in your daily diet. This supplement is pure, natural and 100% vegetarian. It’s safe for infants, children and adults of all ages. 

How to use lactoferrin powder- 

  • Just mix the recommended amount of lactoferrin powder in water or milk and drink it with your regular meals every day! 
  • For adults, we recommend about 500mg-1 g of lactoferrin powder mixed with at least50 ml of water/milk every day. 


  • Consult your doctor or physician for the dosage of lactoferrin. Your dosage may vary based on your age and health conditions. 
  • If you have any pre-existing health conditions, then we recommend you to take lactoferrin at least 2 hours before/after your regular medication, and after consulting a doctor. 

How does lactoferrin work? 

Think of lactoferrin as a regulator of your body’s iron compounds. Lactoferrin ensures that your body’s iron is absorbed in your intentional tract easily when you digest your food. It then does the job of delivering this absorbed iron to every cell in your body. 

Lactoferrin also protects your body against bacteria and viruses. Most bacteria, viruses and fungi that enter your body feed on iron or iron compounds to thrive. Lactoferrin kills these germs by depriving them of their much-needed iron supply. 

Also, lactoferrin is a potent immunity booster that protects your body from sickness and diseases. Lactoferrin is also credited with regulating your body’s bone marrow function. 


Lactoferrin is a revolutionary breakthrough in medical treatments today. It provides us with a natural, simple and nontoxic method to prevent and cure diseases. Research is still underway to study the health benefits of lactoferrin, and there is a lot to bs uncovered. 

Only a handful of companies in India can produce industry-grade lactoferrin supplements at present. CureNutraceutical is one such company, where you can find 100% fresh lactoferrin obtained from village farm cattle in India. You can find lactoferrin powder at CureNutra, which is processed using stringent quality-checks, and it’s super easy to consume for your entire family. If you are looking for lactoferrin supplements, CureNutra is your answer.

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