Colostrum Powder and Beauty

Today as the beauty industry moves towards all-things-natural, did you know colostrum powder is as natural as you get. 

Let’s know how you can get radiant skin by including colostrum powder in your routine.

What is Colostrum Powder?

Organic colostrum powder which comes from bovine and is popularly known as bovine colostrum powder. 

Bovine colostrum is a supplement made from a milky fluid that’s released from the udders of cows shortly after they’ve given birth.

This makes these powders natural and filled with nutrition.

You can consume these powders in the form of tablets, capsules or powder or by mixing them in your regular diet.

How can these supplements help in keeping your skin healthy?

Bovine colostrum may play a key restorative role in your daily skincare routine. With Cure Nutraceutical, an individual can enjoy the potential benefits of a safe, effective, and dependable bovine colostrum supplement that may help address common skin problems.

Because it is a naturally produced substance, Colostrum is highly bioavailable (i.e. easily absorbed) to your body and therefore your skin, allowing you to reap the maximum amount of benefits it can offer. 

Colostrum is a potent ingredient for any kind of skin healing, including hydration, healing of fine lines, sun damage and acne breakouts, and soothing any skin irritations or imbalances. Packed with nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to see how your skin will benefit immensely from this “magic” ingredient.

Beauty benefits that colostrum powder help with:

  • Anti-ageing

For young and radiant skin, your skin needs collagen.

Every year post you turn 20; your body loses 1% of collagen and needs external ways of building it. Lesser the collagen, there are more chances of your skin being prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Colostrum supplements are a natural source of telomerase, a vital enzyme that aids in slowing down DNA aging. Telomerase works by preventing the DNA strands from shortening at a faster pace as your age, while facilitating duplication of identical and undamaged skin cells. The features ease your quest for keeping your skin healthy and radiant, ensuring that you can enjoy a striking appearance for an extended period.

The consumption of bovine colostrum helps in building collagen and stimulating its production. Bovine colostrum has bioactive growth factor properties which increase the percentage of collagen.

More collagen in your body equals to tighter and brighter skin!

  • Uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone is a common problem among adults. Sometimes melamine collects at one point and causes dark patches on your skin. This results in uneven skin tone.

For this, your skin needs a detox from within.

Consuming bovine colostrum helps in detoxifying the body. With regular consumption, the calcium quantity helps in slowing down melanin consumption giving you more toned and clear complexion.

  • Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin find it hard for products to suit their skin type.

That is when bovine colostrum comes to their rescue.

Bovine colostrum is very similar in makeup to human colostrum. It has many of the same anti-inflammatory and healing benefits and has been found when applied topically to speed wound healing and reduce inflammation.

Applying colostrum powder topically helps calm inflamed skin and suits sensitive skin. With regular use, it gives an all-natural way of keeping your skin healthy! 

  • Protects skin from free radicals

Free radicals are the skin’s most evil friend. While some radicals help in making your skin better, there are some which make sure that your skin suffers.

Free radical damage also contributes to signs of aging, such as wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, age spots, and dull-looking skin.

To protect your skin from free radicals, you need antioxidants which help in creating a shield against these radicals and give you a radiant looking skin!

Bovine colostrum is known to be rich with a variety of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants and antioxidant precursors. Colostrum is particularly rich in an antioxidant compound known as glutathione, which is mainly composed of three amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamine. Glutathione deficiency has been linked to increased levels of oxidative stress, while increased glutathione correlates with higher antioxidant levels in general. This reduction in free radical damage can ultimately contribute to healthier skin.

  • Repairs skin cells

Skin cells are the building blocks of your skin. 

With time, these cells weaken and go apart from each other, this causes wrinkles and dull-looking skin.

When you expose your skin to the world, it is possible that it gets contaminated over time leading to dry and rough skin.

Once the skin dies, it is very important to build the skin-up and accelerate the growth factor of your skin cells. This helps in keeping your skin moisturised and gives a natural glow.

A healthy skin cell equals healthy skin.

Bovine colostrum is rich in compounds known as growth factors that are known to promote the growth of new cells while repairing and regenerating other cells, including those in the muscles, cartilage, bone, and skin.

The most prominent of these growth factors in colostrum are insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and transforming growth factor alpha and beta (TGF-α and TGF-β). These growth factors contribute to cellular repair and growth in the skin, which can go a long way to reversing sun damage and blemishes. These growth factors also contribute to the production of collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein that creates the foundation for everything from your muscles to your skin. It is essential to your skin’s elasticity and general health.

Epithelial and epidermal growth factors are equally important for skin health, as their names imply. “Skin” growth factors are important to the outer skin as well as the “inner skin,” or the epithelial cells that line the gastrointestinal tract. It’s important to have a strong barrier to keep harmful substances out of the body; this means a strong G.I. lining AND a strong layering of outer skin.

Where can you get it from?

Cure Nutraceutical are the leading colostrum powder manufacturer and supplier across the country. They also sell capsules, tablets and powdered sachets of bovine colostrum to include in your diet.

You can reach out to us: +91 9824 792 220 or [email protected]


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