Colostrum Powder a new way to health

In today’s day and age, upping your immunity has become the need of the hour. From the new viruses coming in, we are all in the lookout for the most natural ways of being healthy.

What if we tell you, there is a way to be healthy apart from gulping gallons of milk? Or something that your babies badly need?

Bovine colostrum may strengthen your immune system and help your body fight disease-causing agents. The immune-boosting effects of colostrum are mostly due to its high concentration of the antibodies IgA and IgG. Antibodies are proteins that fight viruses and bacteria.

How does it work?

Colostrum is a rich source of both essential and non-essential amino acids, as well as essential fats, including phospholipids, which enable colostral protein protection and easy absorption in the gut by forming liposomes around them.

Colostrum contains various immune system factors, such as immunoglobulin (Ig), colostral polypeptides (CPs), lactoferrin (LF) and many others. Colostral polypeptides (CPs) have the unique ability to balance the immune system. The majority of immunoglobulin fraction is represented by Immunoglobulin G (IgG). Immuno-supplementation with bovine antibodies has shown to be an effective means of providing local protection to the gastro-intestinal tract.*

How is it collected?

Colostrum collected during the first day after a calf is born has significantly higher levels of bioactive components, including immunoglobulins (Ig). Cure Nutraceutical’s collection centre collects colostrum from the first day only.

In order to kick off the calf’s immune system, it is vital the newborn calf consumes this “first milking” colostrum. Each cow produces about 12 liters of “first milking” colostrum at the time the calf is born. About 2 liters is fed to the calf within the first half hour after birth. About three hours later, the calf is given a boost of another 2 liters. Collection centre then harvests the remaining 8 liters.

What are the benefits?

Allergy relief: Allergies in a human is a common occurrence. It comes as a result of immunoglobulin produced by the body. The body produces the IgE in response to foreign vitamins and proteins. Colostrum supplements suppress the IgE production by desensitizing the body. It contains antibodies that work against allergies in human bodies.

Antioxidants and anti-aging: This is the most important benefit why you need to use colostrum supplements. Antioxidants are the fountain of youth. Colostrum contains the precursor to glutathione and antioxidants known to clean up all pollutants from your skin and body and reverse the damage caused by high levels of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress.

Boost the immune system: As mentioned above, colostrum is rich in immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulin is a type of natural vaccine that is used in boosting the immune system. 

Improve athletic performance: Colostrum supplements can be used to improve athletic performance since it is similar to other dairy-based products like whey protein. In a study done to the Dutch hockey team, most players use colostrum suppliants to improve performance and decrease recovery time. Colostrum improves sprint performance, vertical jumps and improves lean muscle mass.

Increase lean muscle mass: Similar to other milk products, colostrum increases muscle mass if taken on a regular basis. It is proven to have a superior protein capacity for increasing lean muscle mass.

How do you include it in your diet?

You can get colostrum supplement in the form of colostrum tablets, capsules or sachets.

Where can you get it from?

Cure Nutraceutical is the leading colostrum powder manufacturer and supplier across the country. They also sell capsules, tablets and powdered sachets of bovine colostrum to include in your diet.

You can reach out to us: +91 9824 792 220 or [email protected]

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