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Colostrum is an extremely nutritious supplement. Colostrum refers to the first milk produced by cattle after giving birth. This milk is enriched with nutrients, antibodies, and immunity boosters which cannot be found in any other dairy product. Owing to its high nutrition value, colostrum is available in the form of dietary supplements that are suitable for people of all age groups. 

Colostrum powder and colostrum tablets are the two most popular forms of colostrum consumed by adults. Colostrum provides natural immunity against diseases, enhances vitality, promotes growth, helps in weight loss, and is useful in recovering from illnesses and injuries. 

It’s important to get high-quality natural colostrum for consumption, which can be hard to find. That’s where CureNutra comes in. CureNutra has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of bulk colostrum in India, since 2013.

Why is CureNutra the best colostrum supplement? 

  • Top manufacturers in India-

Cure Nutraceutical Pvt. Ltd is among the top manufacturers of high-quality colostrum in India. Their colostrum is supplied at various locations in India and abroad. 

The company started in 2013. A group of people noticed that there was a huge demand for colostrum in urban areas. They began to fulfil this need by processing high-quality colostrum, brought straight from villages in North Gujarat.

  • State of the art colostrum processing plant-

CureNutra has a state-of-art colostrum processing facility near Sidhpur  in Patan district. This facility can process more than 50 tons of colostrum powder per month. Also, this factory has facilities for an in-house laboratory and has separate sections for capsuling, packaging, and storage. CureNutra has ensured the provision of world-class manufacturing amenities including-

  • Warehousing
  • Raw material storage
  • Quality control laboratory 
  • Packaging material storage 
  • Finished goods storage
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • High manufacturing standards-

CureNutra has been the recipient of 4+ certifications approved by recognized bodies. Cure Nutraceuticals applies the highest standard of manufacturing practice right from the selection of raw materials to final shipping. The company is equipped with modern and robust machines coupled with the latest technologies. Every area has master documents as a guideline to implement the standard is routine manufacturing practice.

  • Commitment to quality-

CureNutra is a company dedicated to a strong commitment to excellence and quality. They believe that their customers deserve the very best when it comes to living healthy. In the nutritional supplements industry, health Genesis sets the standards in safety and quality of products. From scientific research and new product discovery to the best practices in manufacturing and packaging processes, Health Genesis takes pride in CureNutra’s rigorous approach to ensuring quality.

  • Supplier of colostrum in 15+ countries-

CureNutra’s mission is to serve global healthcare needs through empathy, innovation and technology. They aim to bring the highest quality to their customers at the most economical prices. Their dedication and persistence have made them the top colostrum suppliers in India. Their colostrum products meet international standards and benchmarks and are supplied to over 15+ countries worldwide.

  • Constant evolution –

They have a team of highly skilled professionals who are constantly involved in scientific research and development. This research is done in close coordination with top nutrition experts. They have gained a reputation as a reliable and trusted company with most of our customers coming from referrals.

An in-depth look into CureNutra’s quality  control systems-

Quality is always at the center of CureNutra’s vision, mission and philosophy. Over the past many  years, CureNutra has worked to maintain it’s product quality. This process begins right at the farms themselves. CureNutra has established a strong network of dedicated collection centers. Farmers and rearers have been equipped with deep freezers and chillers. Additionally, CureNutra ensures that no milk is collected after the second milking, thus ensuring very high nutritional value in their finished products.
CureNutra has obtained GMP certifications in compliance with AYUSH ministry associated with the Indian Government. Their in-house laboratory checks each sample of raw material before it starts processing. The processing facility has been designed with state-of-art equipment. CureNutra has been ISO certified with 22000:2005 qualification.
CureNutra’s facilities also have a team of highly trained technicians and scientists. Furthermore, their processing facilities maintain stringent hygienic standards. Since colostrum is deep freezed right from the start, it retains all of its essential nutrition. All of this means that you get the best assured quality of colostrum, every time. 


When it comes to buying bulk colostrum, or any kind of colostrum supplements, CureNutra is the way to go. CureNutra has been redefining and innovating their methods and standards to meet today’s growing demands. They have done so by overcoming numerous challenges, and by always prioritizing their customers. This quality reflects in their loyal clientele. CureNutra has been a prime supplier of spray dried colostrum powder, freeze dried colostrum powder & freeze dried capsuled across the India  along with 15 other countries.

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