How do I choose colostrum?

There are many colostrum supplements available in the market. There is also a lot of conflicting information about what constitutes a good colostrum supplement. With that in mind, we’ve deep-dived to answer some questions, so that you get to choose the best colostrum!

What is the quality of the production? 

Quality of production refers to the processes through which raw colostrum is processed before it reaches you. The best colostrum supplements are ones that are processed at very low temperatures. 

Pasteurizing, freeze-drying, and spray drying are some of the common production practices used to process colostrum. This quality reflects at CureNutra, where the process of freezing colostrum starts right at the farms. All of their supplements undergo processing in state-of-the-art plants, which are certified by the ISO and Ministry of Ayush. CureNutra is also the leading producer of bulk colostrum supplements in India. 

Good fat, bad fat, or no fat?

Colostrum inherently contains lipids (fats) in concentration. These fats are crucial because they enable your body to absorb essential vitamins and minerals needed.  

The presence of fats inside colostrum supplements reduces their shelf life. Colostrum that is processed with its fats intact is certainly better, but it also becomes rancid quickly. There’s nothing wrong with de-fatted colostrum either, and it has a longer shelf life, but it is not ideal. The ideal quality of colostrum is one that has its fats intact. It also has to be processed properly and delivered quickly to the end consumer. 

CureNutra ensures that all of its colostrum supplements retain their natural fats (about 25%). They also optimize their supply chain right from the farmlands, to get you fresh colostrum supplements. 

Pasture-fed or “Lot-fed”?

Pasture fed cattle refer to cows that have grown up by feeding on natural grass in farmlands. Whereas “lot fed” cattle are brought up in rearing houses or plants. 

You must always prefer colostrum from pasture-fed cattle over lot fed cattle. When cows feed on natural grass, they pick up various enzymes and nutrients from the soil. Their bodies also develop resistance against a  range of environmental diseases, and antibodies for the same can be found in their colostrum. 

CureNutra cares about you. They have established a strong network of collecting centres in rural areas, over the past 20 years. This ensures that consumers get the best colostrum supplements, from 100% pasture-fed cattle. 

Tested for safety?

All colostrum supplements have to undergo stringent safety checks before being released in the market. This ensures that the supplements are free from antibiotics, heavy metals, or disease-causing pathogens. Untested colostrum may carry traces of chemicals, hormones, or pesticides which that cattle may have fed on. 

Always go for a manufacturer such as CureNutra, which can guarantee you 100% safety in Colostrum products. CureNutra’s quality control (QC) policy is a set of procedures intended to ensure that our manufactured colostrum product adheres to meets the certified quality standards as well as the requirements of our clients.

The most suitable type and category of colostrum 

Colostrum products are mainly categorized into 3 forms.

  • Tablets and capsules
  • Pure powders
  • Compound powders

The form in which you consume colostrum depends entirely on your personal preferences and needs. 

When making a choice regarding the form of colostrum supplement consumption, you must check the packet or label for its IgG concentration. A higher IgG concentration leads to better quality colostrum. For instance, CureNutra’s colostrum powder sachet contains 30% IgG proteins from Indian cow breeds.

Most colostrum supplements come with either full canning or partial canning. Partial canning usually requires more packaging. You must check the quantity of colostrum provided with each pack, introspective of the overall package weight. A good manufacturer will outline exactly what you get inside their products. For instance, CureNutra’s Colostrovita tablets (with 100% natural colostrum) come in 500mg of packaging, and each bottle contains 90 tablets. 

Choose colostrum from a manufacturer with a proven track record

It’s important to do your research and find out exactly what you are getting. Good colostrum manufacturers will often be transparent about their manufacturing, processing, and storage practices. Colostrum from reliable sources ensures that you get only the best. 

CureNutra has gained a reputation as a reliable and trusted company with most of its customers coming from referrals. They are also transparent about their colostrum sources, how it’s processed, and what the final product contains. 


Mother Nature knows what’s best. Colostrum in its natural form contains nutrients that build immunity and heal your body. CureNutra realizes this, to bring you colostrum supplements which are obtained no later than 12 hours after parturition (or second milking). CureNutra’s colostrum supplements are also processed at sub-zero temperatures and undergo stringent processing standards that retain their natural goodness. If you are looking for quality colostrum supplements, your search ends at CureNutra!

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