Where does it comes from. Colostrum Powder and its source

Colostrum powder is the most natural way of building up your immunity and giving you a healthy way of life.

While the powders are the most consumable way of colostrum have you ever wondered where they come from?

Source of Colostrum at Cure Nutraceutical:

Cure Nutraceutical is India’s leading bovine colostrum powder manufacturer and we make sure not to torture any animal when it comes to taking their first milk – postpartum. This means, Colostrum (also known as first milk) is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands in late pregnancy and the few days after giving birth.

We at Cure Nutraceutical take and make our bovine colostrum from well known Indian cow breeds like kankrej and geer cow.

Kankrej cattle are also known as  “Wadad” or “Waged”, “Vagadia”, “Talabda”, “Nagar”, “Bonnai”.  It takes its name from the name of geographical area i.e. Kankrej taluka of Banaskantha district in Gujarat. They are found in the area southeast of Rann of Kutch comprising Mehsana, Kutchchh, Ahmedabad, Kheda, Anand, Sabarakantha and Banaskantha districts of Gujarat and Barmer and Jodhpur districts of Rajasthan.

The cows are good milkers and bullocks are used for agricultural operations and road transport. The cows yield on an average 1738 kilograms and a maximum of 1800 Kg of milk in a lactation. Selected cows have produced around 4900 Kg at village conditions.

  • Geer Cows:

The breed is found in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is also known as “Desan” or “Gujarati” or “Surati” or “Kathiawari” or “Sorthi”. It has red color body having white spots, dome shaped head and long ears. It gives an average 2110ltr of milk per lactation.
These cows are kept in the most safest shelters with vets available on service. They are given optimal fodder to give you premium quality milk for converting it to colostrum.

How do we ensure that colostrum is completely safe for you?

At Cure Nutraceutical, we obtain our bulk colostrum exclusively from controlled and bio-certified farms in Gujarat and surroundings. Only the milk of the first 12 hours, when the nutrient concentration has its maximum level, is used. After the fore milk is milked from the mother cow, it is frozen and cold-stored in a collection point until further transport. Then the colostrum is moved to Cure Nutraceutical manufacturing facility for further processing. The raw Colostrum is tested and then moved to pasteurization processing. After that it is forwarded for drying.

In order to make the best quality finished product available to the consumers, Cure Nutraceutical accepts and processes only that colostrum, which is obtained within the first 12 hours of parturition.

There are two popular processes within the industry for drying of colostrum, Spray drying and Freeze Drying.

  • Freeze Drying Process:

Here the milk is pasteurized at 63°C for 30 minutes and passed on to the drying chamber through a centrifugal pump. The atomizer at the top of the drying chamber converts the colostrum liquid into small droplets and sprays at a high speed inside the chamber which contains hot air. As the droplets dry midway, the colostrum powder falls at the bottom of the chamber where it is directly packed aseptically under controlled conditions.

As the name suggests, this process involves freezing the product and evaporating the moisture out of the product to get the final powder. This is the best process to dry products which are heat labile in nature so as to preserve the nutritional value. Very few industry players prefer this process due to severe limitations in production capacity and tremendous operating cost which increases the price of the finished product. However, there is no doubt that this is the best process to manufacture premium quality colostrum powder.

Strong Quality Check:

Even before entering into the business of processing bulk colostrum, the Cure Nutraceutical team already had the network in place to collect bulk colostrum from villages in North Gujarat to supply to buyers in Mumbai over the last two decades. Strict quality criteria have been laid down and farmers have been made aware of precautions to be taken during and after obtaining bulk colostrum. The network is fully equipped with collection vans carrying disinfected plastic cans and deep freezers to immediately chill the bulk colostrum. Once the product is frozen, it is sent to the processing facility where it is once again checked for quality before accepting it for final processing.

Now that you know that Cure Nutraceutical colostrum powders are made with optimum safety and keeping in mind the health of its customers, here’s where you can get it from:

We are the leading colostrum powder manufacturer and supplier across the country. Cure Nutraceutical also sells capsules, tablets and powdered sachets of bovine colostrum to include in your diet.

You can reach out to us: +91 9824 792 220 or [email protected]

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