How to drink Colostrum Powder?

Bovine colostrum is the type of milk that is secreted by cows for the first few days of giving birth to a calf. Colostrum powder has been proven to have several benefits for humans. It is one of the rare products of nature that has actual immune factors that helps our body’s growth factors. It has nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, calcium, sodium, magnesium and zinc.

Colostrum is also rich in fat, proteins, enzymes, micronutrients, bioactive proteins , sugar, amino acids and antibodies. This helps boost your immune system.

Research has proven that colostrum has the ability to kill bacteria and viral invaders. It also stimulates tissue repair and stimulates fat utilization for cellular reproduction. Which means not only does it fight diseases but also has anti-ageing properties. The question is how do you drink colostrum powder? How much should you drink and what should you do to prepare colostrum? 

Including colostrum in your everyday life is simple. Especially with Cure Nutra’s Colostrum Powder. 

We’ve answered your questions below : 

How to prepare colostrum powder?

Colostrum is available in the market in three forms – powder, capsules and tablets. 

Having colostrum on empty stomach with water is a great and a healthy way to start your day. It will help you fight diseases and stay active throughout the day. 

Dosage of Colostrum powder 

What is the dosage of colostrum powder that you should consume? I.e how much colostrum should you have? The dosage of colostrum varies from what you want and what you are having colostrum for. The recommended daily dosage is 20 – 60 grams. If you are looking to increase athletic performance then 60 gram dose should be enough for you, If you are looking to manage diarrhea then you should have colostrum before your meals. 

Did you know? Colostrum powder has been found in human mother’s milk for the few days of the birth. 

When should you take colostrum powder? 

Research has shown that the vital immunity elements in our bodies gradually reduce as we pass puberty. Colostrum simply gives your body the nutrients that help in its growth factors, fights diseases and heals body tissues. For anyone with comprised health or digestive health issues or auto-immune conditions. Heart disease or someone with an injury should have 1 tablespoon powder (or 4 capsules) is recommended. For colostrum known to build immunity naturally and easily. 

For anyone using colostrum for athletic purposes or for it’s anti-ageing benefits, 10-20 grams is optimum use. Colostrum has anti-ageing properties as it helps you repair your tissues and builds your digestive systems. 

Since colostrum also promotes ligament healing and tissue repair it is great for athletes. It reduces the healing time of wounds and muscle tears while giving you extra nutrients to build muscles. If you are looking to lose weight colostrum powder is also helpful in building muscles and a lean figure. 

Is it safe to have colostrum powder? 

Colostrum is natural and therefore safe to be consumed without any side effects. It doesn’t have any drug interactions and colostrum is often recommended for young children. However, if you have milk allergies or are nursing or pregnant it is better to ask a health professional before taking any supplements. 

If you are lactose intolerant it is possible that colostrum powder will not suit you too. As colostrum powder contains lactose in high capacity. 

Furthermore, We at Cure Nutra use the Spray Drying Process and the lyophilized Process to make sure your colostrum is safe for you. These processes pasturize the colostrum and kill any harmful bacterias present in it. 

Colostrum at Cure Nutra is pasteurized at 63°C for 30 minutes. The colostrum powder is prepared with utmost care. 


In conclusion, colostrum is a great way to build your immunity and stay healthy. It helps your body function well. Furthermore, colostrum powder is safe and easy to consume which makes it a great addition to your everyday diet. 

While there are several ways you can drink colostrum you can drink it with water or sprinkle it in your food which will help build you immunity in a natural way. This way it won’t even be a hinderance in your routine. Furthermore, the best way to have colostrum powder depends on your purpose of having it. 
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