How does Colostrum keep you healthy?

One of the challenges of a modern, fast-paced lifestyle is staying healthy. It can be very difficult to eat a well-balanced diet that supplies your body with all the essential nutrition. That’s where colostrum steps in. Colostrum is one of the world’s first superfoods. 

When a baby is born, it has no immunity. It is the mother’s first milk, that supplies the baby with all the essential nutrition required to develop immunity and fight diseases. The first milk is nothing but “colostrum”. 

When talking about colostrum supplements, bovine colostrum is the best. Bovine colostrum is procured from cattle, particularly grass-fed cows. The cattle produce colostrum during the first 6-8 hours after they give birth. This milk is first given to the newborns, and the excess colostrum can now be used for human consumption! Colostrum has numerous health benefits, and we attempt to simplify each one of them for you. 

Health Benefits of Colostrum 

Bovine colostrum is highly nutritious and has proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and immunoglobulins in a much higher proportion than regular milk.

  1. Enhanced Immunity- Colostrum is well-known for its role as an immunity booster. Colostrum has several antibodies (including IgG and IgA). These antibodies act as a shield against foreign invaders that enter your body. Colostrum has been proven effective in treating upper respiratory tract infections, according to data from research
  1. Improved gut health- Did you know that about 80% of your body’s immune system is actually supported by your intestinal tract? This is because your intestines play a key role in absorbing nutrients that enter your body and detoxifying impurities. Colostrum acts as a probiotic and supports gut health, due to the presence of compounds like IgA and lactoferrin. 

Colostrum also helps your intestines to regenerate cells in your inner respiratory tract. This enhances intestinal permeability and combats a condition called leaky gut.

  1. Prevention of diarrhoea- Research shows that colostrum helps to prevent and treat diarrhoea caused by bacterial and viral infections. It helps to cure loose stools, due to the presence of antibodies and lactoferrin rich compounds. Clinical trials have proved the effectiveness of colostrum in treating diarrhoea among patients suffering from HIV/AIDS or bone marrow transplants. 
  1. Cell Repair- Colostrum has a high concentration of growth factors. These can help your body to promote muscle repair, muscle growth, bone, and cartilage repair, and even bone cell regeneration. Colostrum is often used as a supplement by athletes to heal after an intense round of training or exercise. Some doctors also recommend colostrum supplements for healing after surgeries. Colostrum can reduce joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation when used under the supervision of a medical practitioner. 
  1. Healthy ageing- Colostrum slows down the effect of ageing on your body. Colostrum contains an enzyme called telomerase, which slows down the ageing of DNA. Colostrum also has insulin-like growth factors(IGF-1 and IGF-2) and epidermal growth factors (EGF). These factors together contribute to increasing your skin vitality and elasticity and make you age more naturally.
  1. Flu prevention- Research studies show that people who take colostrum supplements regularly have a less chance of catching flu, infections, and other viral diseases, as opposed to people who did not take these supplements. 

Apart from these benefits, colostrum supplements may also be useful in-

  • Improving the performance of athletes. 
  • Reducing the blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. 
  • Treating colitis (colon infection)
  • Treating multiple sclerosis, in cases where hyperimmune colostrum is given to the patients. Hyperimmune colostrum is specially enriched with nutrients that target a specific infection or disease. 
  • Building lean muscle mass and getting rid of fat. 
  • Losing weight.
  • Increasing the body’s general stamina and vitality.
  • Elevating the mood.
  • Reducing the problem of dry eyes.
  • Reducing inflammation in the body.
  • Healing from injuries.
  • Repairing damage to the nervous system. 

How should you take colostrum supplements?

You will find bovine colostrum in many different forms in the market. The most common types are colostrum tablets, capsules, and powders. Colostrum in any of these forms is effective. Whereas capsules and tablets can be swallowed directly, colostrum powder has to be mixed with water or regular milk before consumption.

You can purchase colostrum supplements freely without any prescription, although we recommend a doctor’s approval. Your dosage may vary between 20-40 grams, depending upon the expected benefits of colostrum.  


As the old saying goes, health is indeed wealth. And colostrum is one of the oldest and safest supplements that will help you to stay healthy. Colostrum has numerous health benefits, and it has a reportedly low rate of adverse effects. You’ll gain immunity (much needed in these times!), improve your gut health, and live better overall. Colostrum can be safely taken by children, teenagers, and adults. However, we recommend that you always consult your doctor before taking colostrum, to find out your suitable dosage.

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